You Would Never Guess Where This Guy Is. Nothing Is What It Seems In These Incredible Photos.

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Taking things at face value is easy in life, but one lesson you’ll learn time and again is this: nothing is ever what it seems. People lie, the world is a mystery and there are so many things about our universe that we have yet to discover. That’s why, when photographer Mike Deere discovered these hidden, underground wonders throughout Britain, it was so fascinating.

Deep below the earth are hidden tunnels and treasures all throughout Britain.

There are so many places throughout this world that are totally empty.

A person can truly find a way to be by themselves.

Strolling through an abandoned mine is an incredible experience. You walk through a space that so many people used to depend on… but will never see another productive day.

The world changes around us and we change around the world. What’s left behind is beautiful.

It’s hard to believe there are so many hidden wonders all around us.

Wandering through these underground mazes are not for beginners, though.

Mike says that even experienced map readers and adventurers can get lost, especially since most of the places he explores are pitch black.

Every place Mike finds would be an adventurer’s dream.

He experiences both massive spaces…

And small ones.

But every one is lonely and barren.

I wish I could find the places he finds.

It’s hard to believe, with a world so full of people, there are still places that are forgotten or undiscovered. To see more of Mike’s projects, visit his online portfolio. If you liked these photos, his series called Sense of Space has a similar feel. You should discover it. Source: Mike Deere Share this wild and wonderful places by clicking the button below.

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