This Was His Last Photo Ever. Because Minutes Later, Something Unthinkable Happened.

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18 year-old Cheng Changjiang was relaxing after exams and posing for pictures at a rural spot in Xinyang, at Henan province in central China, when tragedy struck.

What happened next would affect Cheng so seriously and so permanently, but that didn’t stop him from putting his life on the line to save children in trouble.

Cheng Changjiang was so happy when he posed for this picture…. but he would be dead only minutes later.

After the picture was taken, he noticed three little children fell into the water and were drowning. He couldn’t swim, but the teen jumped into the water to save the kids anyway.

He heard the screams and didn’t even wait to go into the water after them.

As the teenager was rescuing the last child, a man rushed to his aid. After handing the 11 year-old girl over, Cheng Changjiang sank underwater.

When bystanders were able to pull him from the water, it was too late. “When we pulled him from the water he was dead, there was no chance to save his life.”

It was typical for Cheng to put others ahead of himself, even if it meant putting his own life on the line. We think more people need to know what he did for those children. Please share this article.


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