This Scuba Diver Was Stranded At Sea When He Recorded This Terrifying Moment

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Oceans are remarkable because of their beauty and tremendous diversity of life.

But within that diversity lies some seriously terrifying sea creatures. That is exactly why I completely refuse to venture farther than where my feet touch the ocean floor. There’s something extremely unsettling about knowing that where the water gets deep, you are considered prey.

That’s what makes this footage taken by a scuba diver so incredibly horrifying.

Randy Fales was spear fishing near Sebastian Inlet in Florida when he surfaced to find his boat — with his daughters inside — nowhere to be seen. The boat had drifted three miles away after becoming disconnected from the weight holding it in place. After calling for help and blowing a whistle for over an hour, he realized he had attracted a very unwelcome guest…


Luckily, Fales avoided becoming lunch when a boater found him and brought him to shore. You’d think after this experience that the guy would swear off the ocean altogether, but he’s fine with diving right back in.

Whatever makes you happy, I guess. And I’m perfectly happy with never going into the ocean again.

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