This Man Willingly Placed Bloodsucking Leeches All Over His Arm And Hand

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Coyote Peterson from Brave Wilderness isn’t afraid of getting up close and personal with his animal subjects, especially if those encounters involve a lot of pain and blood.

So when he wanted to teach people how to remove attached leeches and clean the wounds should they ever find themselves in such a situation, he decided to stick the bloodsuckers right on his arm.

Brace yourself, people. Things are about to get messy.

Please don’t try this at home.

I have to admire the guy a little, if only for his fearlessness and incredibly high pain tolerance.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll be trying ANY of those stunts. The closest I’ll ever get to that is watching him do it from the comfort of my computer chair, thanks. If you’d like to watch his other crazy wildlife encounters, you can find his YouTube channel here.

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