These Inventions May Be Strange But They’re Equally Genius. You Will Want Them All.

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Most people like the idea of running their own business, but coming up with an original idea is harder than it seems. Some people never quite manage it. If you’re lucky, you might be able to think of a brand-new invention that you could market to the masses. The inventors of the products below were able to think of some novel ideas… but they’re equal parts crazy and genius. (Which is why you’ll love them.)

1.) A butter stick, for all of your everyday buttering needs!

2.) This motorized ice cream cone. No need to lick around the cone like a peasant.

3.) Training wheels for women who are uncomfortable wearing high heels.

4.) Need to eat AND write? Try these utensil pen caps.

5.) Burnt toast will be a thing of the past with this transparent toaster.

6.) Sick of your pockets NOT being transparent? These jeans will help you look at your phone no matter what you’re doing.

7.) This mobile fishbowl will help you bring your new pet home (or wherever you want to bring him).

8.) No need to buy candles AND forks. These are two-in-one.

9.) Make your baby help keep the kitchen clean with this baby mop onesie. It’s about time they pitched in.

10.) Apple sweaters protect your fruit from getting bruised in your lunch bag. Plus, they look chic.

11.) Don’t bother bending over to use the dust pan, these slippers have you covered.

12.) Normal stairs are boring. Stairs with hidden drawers are MUCH better.

13.) Feeling lazy? Wear these sweatpants with built-in velcro napkins for all of your snacking needs.

14.) This hamster cage shredder destroys your important documents … and it also keeps your pet’s cage tidy.

15.) Hate lunch thieves? These “moldy” sandwich bags will keep your sammies safe.

16.) If rolling watermelons annoy you, then just buy square ones.

17.) Sitting on a wet bench is uncomfortable. That’s why you can just flip this bench over!

18.) Slurping noodles can be dangerous. Wear a mask to protect your hair and clothes.

19.) Sick of holding cans normally? Use this handle and you can have a fancy drink any time you want.

20.) No more rolling up toothpaste tubes for you. This one has an opening at each end!

(H/T BuzzFeed) These may seem totally pointless, but if you saw them sitting on the shelf in your local grocery store… you know you might just buy them. Share the weirdness with others by clicking on the button below.

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