These 32 Amazing Teachers Truly Are Gifts To Humanity

Schools all across the country are celebrating the unsung heroes of our children’s lives during Teacher Appreciation Week.

As a child going through the school system, you might not be able to fully appreciate all that your teachers do for you, but as you get older, you’ll quickly come to realize that they aren’t just the homework police. In fact, many of my high school teachers helped inspire my career path today as both a writer and a teacher. Now as I walk the same halls I used to wander through as a kid, I can’t help but think back on all the good times.

I’m willing to bet that throughout your 13 or more years of schooling, there was at least one teacher who left their mark on you. To honor all the amazing work they do, let’s take a look at a few educators who are really going above and beyond to keep things fun in the classroom.

1. When your students keep losing your bathroom pass, you instill the fear of Liam Neeson in them.

2. Are we sure this isn’t a deleted scene from an episode of “Breaking Bad”?

3. When this teacher found a stray cat on her commute to work, she went ahead and brought it to school!

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4. When a student’s child started crying during his lecture, this professor grabbed the little guy and kept on teaching to give Mom a break.

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5. This first grade teacher let her students design her dress for the last day of school.

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6. When one of her students was being bullied for her hair, this epic teacher stepped in to show her she’s not alone.

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7. We’ve all gotta get to work somehow.

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8. This teacher isn’t afraid to say what we’re all thinking.

Reddit / Amk1221amk

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9. That moment when math class takes a philosophical turn.


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10. He’s got his eyes on you at all times.

Reddit / Lushicute

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11. You didn’t think passing math was going to be that easy, did you?

Reddit / dubblechrisp

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12. This is a clever way to see if students are actually paying attention in class.

Reddit / thebeast5268

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13. When your phone’s taken away, everything is fair game.

Imgur / misterlazyy

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14. Who knew math could be so jolly?

Imgur / mukilane

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15. This is the “Snakes on a Plane” sequel no one asked for.

Reddit / rscrenci

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