These 18 People Are All Unavoidably Doomed. #6… Yeah, She’s Totally Dead Later.

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Bad things can happen to good people. Bad things can happen to bad people. The bottom line? Bad things can (and will) happen. When they do, more than likely someone will be taking a picture or video with their cell phone. These unlucky people got a dose of awful, but not before their friends were able to snap a photo of it. This is what impending doom looks like, people. Do your best to avoid it.

1.) He thought he was going to make it. Thought.

2.) Excellent form.

3.) This is the day he learned to fear balloons.

4.) Poor kid. Poor, poor kid.

5.) She is an elegant, graceful lady.

6.) SOON.

7.) Uh-oh.

8.) Don’t feed the geese. Don’t feed the geese with your mouth.

9.) The Furby is always watching.

10.) Whoever thought this was a good idea… was probably right.

11.) Oh MOM.

12.) This is just too perfect to be terrible.

13.) And he never went shopping again.

14.) Karaoke is a dangerous, flammable game.

15.) This is not the side of your boss you want to see.

16.) Get in, he said. It’ll be fun, he said.

17.) And that’s how she learned twerking was a bad idea.

18.) Toy cars: almost as dangerous as real cars.

(H/T BuzzFeed) This is what you should probably take away from this (admittedly hilarious) gallery: always keep your smartphone on you. You never know when things are going to go wrong for your friends, requiring awesome photographic evidence.

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