The Majority Of Facebook Users Saw The Dress As White And Gold

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And if it’s on Facebook, it must be official.

1. The majority of Facebook users saw The Dress as white and gold, not black and blue, according to an analysis of posts on the site.

Two of the website’s data scientists wrote in a blog post on Friday that they analyzed posts from people in the U.S. that mentioned the dress, and crunched the numbers to figure out which of their users saw which color combo.

Overall, 58% of Facebook users saw white and gold and 42% saw black and blue.

The data scientists also broke the stats down by a couple of different factors, which they illustrated in charts.

2. Gender:

Facebook said it started by analyzing the gender split, since men are much more likely to be color-blind than women.

According to the data, men were 6% more likely to see the dress as black and blue.

3. How the user viewed The Dress:

According to the data, users who looked at the dress on their phone were more likely to see it as white and gold.

4. Age:

According to the data, younger users were more prone to seeing the dress as black and blue.

Facebook said users who were 13-17 years old were 10% more likely to see the dress as black and blue than those who were 55-64 years old.

5. Facebook says that as news began to emerge that the dress was actually blue and black, more users started to post in favor of those colors.

“We’re data scientists, not oculists or neurologists; we’ll leave speculation about exactly how this perceptual difference occurs up to the experts,” the scientists said.

“But this one dress provides a fascinating window into how human vision and the brain it feeds can perceive things so differently.”

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