She Let Her Son Go Out To Play, She Never Expected He’d Return With Burns All Over

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Do you believe that all children are born innocent? It sure seems like it when they’re young or when they say silly things. However, not all kids are perfect angels.

For some children, a sinister side lives just below that sweet surface. These kids often act out as a way to receive attention that they may not be getting at home.

Unfortunately, children that might not look, act, or even learn the same way as everyone else can become caught in the crossfires of these attention-seeking kids. That’s just what happened to one Texas child. Now, he’s clinging to life in a hospital bed.

Tristyn Hatchett didn’t think twice before allowing her 10-year-old son Kayden, who is known to exhibit autistic behaviors, out to ride his bike to a neighboring field. She thought he would be in good hands, as two other boys were going along. Unfortunately, she thought wrong.


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The two boys were anything but friendly to sweet Kayden. First, they doused the young boy in gasoline and then lit him on fire.


Kayden now lies sedated in a local university hospital, fighting for his life. The boy suffered from severe burns on more than 20 percent of his body and has been taking medications to stabilize his heart. Kayden is also experiencing several infections caused by the incident.


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“He needs justice,” said family friend Ashley White. “No kid deserves to go through anything he’s going through.”


The fire marshal is still actively investigating the incident, and no arrests or charges have been formally made.


To help Kayden’s family pay the staggering medical bills that have accumulated thanks to two young boys’ mischievous behaviors, a YouCaring page has been set up in their honor.

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Please consider helping out if you can.

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