Once You Learn These 22 Bizarre Facts, You’ll Wish You Hadn’t. #5… Seriously?

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There is one universal truth in life that we all must accept: we don’t know as much as we think we do. In fact, we know much less. You probably go about your day thinking that you are pretty knowledgeable about most things… But this downright bizarre trivia will take you by surprise. Not all of these may be the gospel truth, but one thing is certain. Each of these will make you seriously reconsider everything you do.

1.) I hope you’re hungry.

2.) Ew. Ew. Ew.

3.) I’m pretty sure this isn’t true… or at least I hope it isn’t.

4.) We’re all drug dealers.

5.) Well, I used to like steak.

6.) ?!?!

7.) I guess that’s not THAT many bugs.

8.) I couldn’t help but LOL at that one.

9.) Don’t you just love jelly beans?

10.) Tampons are manlier than you think.

11.) I don’t feel so bad about using public restrooms.

12.) Those poor cows.

13.) This is why I don’t shake hands. Or talk to people.

14.) … … … … no. NO!

15.) This is almost not surprising.

16.) Ouch.


18.) And this is why Rome fell.

19.) Talk about a family legacy.

20.) Okay, the animal kingdom has a weird thing about penises.

21.) Snails: they know what you did last summer.

22.) Remind me to high five my heart later.

(H/T Ebaumsworld) Gross. Weird. Bizarre. Those are just a few words that come to mind when you think about everything you learned today. Even if some of these are eventually debunked, there will be at least one truth that’ll stick with you… And I bet it’s the one about the meat. Click below to share these strange facts with others.

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