Need A Cool Resting Place For Your Eternal Remains? How About The Moon?

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As humans, death is something that’s never far from our thoughts. It’s the only experience that we know without a doubt each of us will go through at some point. While there are many of us who ascribe to the “after I’m dead, just throw me out with the trash” school of thought, there are plenty of other people who are understandably less cynical about what happens to their mortal remains after they’re gone.

For those folks, an exciting new possibility has just become available…but it will cost them.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration issued the first-ever clearance for a commercial company to fly people’s ashes to the moon.


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Moon Express, which is based out of Cape Canaveral, will begin making regular flights to the moon early next year using robotic landers.


Each trip will take about two weeks, and the landers will not return.


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Aboard the rockets will be the ashes of those who would like lunar resting places for their mortal remains.


While the initial press release from Moon Express did not mention prices for these spectacular one-way trips, you can bet they won’t be cheap.


(via The Telegraph)

Even though I’m pretty cynical about death, I’m sure that if I had the means, I would have my ashes shot into space. Then again, if I could visit the moon during my lifetime, I would certainly prefer that.

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