He Found A Severely Wounded Duck In His Backyard. What He Did Will Melt Your Heart.

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After being mercilessly attacked, the fowl lay huddled in the mud of a pond. With a wounded leg, back, and beak, things were not looking good for the duck. Thankfully, a Redditor who goes by the name of hottpockets was there to not only find the injured bird, but nurse her back to health. Now the duck, who was given the name Lucky by her rescuer turned caretaker, is making the transition from patient to pet. What a Lucky duck! Take a look at their journey.

1.) Lucky after she was attacked.

2.) After dinner and a bath.

3.) Lucky loving the warmth of the blanket.

4.) She obviously enjoys cuddling too.

5.) Hanging out in her shoebox.

6.) Lucky out on the road with her owner.

7.) Lucky watching her owner fish.

8.) Lucky eating some bait.

9.) And finally, some fish.

10.) Lucky resting after a checkup. The doctor says she’s doing great!

That is truly remarkable. A Lucky duck, indeed. Share this heartwarming post using the button below.

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