Do Your Kids Know These 7 Safety Tips? They Could Save Their Lives One Day

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The scariest day of my life was when I lost my four-year-old brother in the mall. Was he just wandering around? Snatched by a stranger? The possibilities were endless.

We found him hiding behind a rack of clothes about five minutes later, but those five minutes were filled with panic. It was then that I realized we had never really taught him safety tips. Being from a small town, it never seemed necessary. No matter where you live or how safe your community is, however, here are seven safety tips that every child should know.

1. Not all strangers are dangerous. If your child get lost, make sure they know who to ask for help. Police officers, staff, and security might be strangers, but they are safe adults. If there’s no one like that around, tell them to look for other moms and dads with kids.


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2. If your child is old enough to memorize the ABCs, they can memorize your home address and phone number. These details will make officers’ jobs a lot easier.


3. Your body is your own. Kids don’t “owe” anyone hugs, kisses, or affection, and that goes for family members as well as strangers. To help teach them this important lesson, click here.


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4. Avoid name tags. If your child’s name is displayed on their backpack or clothing, it could give predators an edge. Children are much more likely to trust a stranger who seems to know them already.


5. There’s a difference between strangers and “tricky people.” Children are more likely to be abducted or sexually assaulted by a friend or family member than a stranger. Teach them things that “tricky people” may do, such as asking them for physical contact or to leave without a parent’s permission.


6. Don’t eat food from strangers. This might seem like a simple one, but who isn’t tempted by a tasty treat? Tell your children to always ask for a parent’s permission before ingesting a snack from a stranger.


7. If you need help, call 9-1-1. It’s worth pointing out that not all scary situations happen outside the home. In case something happens to Mom or Dad, kids should know how to call 91-1 for help. Make sure they know the difference between when it’s okay to stay and call and when they should leave immediately, like in the case of a fire.


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What safety tips have you taught your children? Let us know in the comments. You never know when a simple trick could save a life.

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