Beatboxing Champion Shows Off For His Baby Niece And Her Response Is The Best

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When it comes to children, pretty much anything they do is guaranteed to be adorable.

Sure, they can be complete pains some of the time, but they still manage to be cute even when they’re acting up. Recently, what one kid did while mimicking her uncle wasn’t just adorable — it proved that an imitation can be better than the real thing, especially if it’s done by a little girl.

When Dutch beatboxing champion B-Art tried to show his baby niece how to master his impressive skills, she couldn’t quite get the hang of it. But that doesn’t mean her performance wasn’t absolutely hilarious.

The sounds she makes are killing me in the best way possible.

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I think her uncle would definitely agree that she totally nailed it in her own special way. Share this if you know a silly cutie like her who always makes you smile!

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