A Teacher Loved His Classroom So Much, He’ll Never Leave It. Ever.

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Teachers are among the most dedicated and selfless people you’ll ever know. Their reputation for always being in class and educating the young minds around them is without comparison. Some teachers love their work so much, they hate missing a single day of class.

A headmaster and former science teacher in Romania loved his classroom so much, he stayed there, even in death.


Alexandru Grigore Popescu’s bones are displayed in the rural Puchenii Mosneni elementary school in southeastern Romania’s Prahova county since the late 1960s. Although it wasn’t originally known, after a government inspection of the bones, it was allowed to stay in the same classroom where he taught for 50 years.


(H/T Metro)

Considering that he’ll always be present for who knows how long, it’s a fair bet that he’ll rack up some serious vacation time in the afterlife. Either that, or this is just the craziest and most dedicated teacher in the world.

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