A Pizza Delivery Guy Was Sure These Were The Rudest Customers. Then The Next Day, THIS Arrived.

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There are so many occupations and services in this world that people take for granted. Delivery people are just one of them. Remembering to tip the people who deliver your food is important, it directly affects how much they make. So when delivery people get slighted, it’s a big deal. The other night, this Reddit user delivered a pizza. The total was $22.67 and the couple receiving it gave him $23.00 and told him to keep the change. Less than a dollar on nearly a $25.00 bill is an abysmal tip. But then something awesome happened.

They dropped this card off the next day.

And although there wasn’t a cupcake inside, there was an equally awesome note.

You know the couple who brought this note in the next day wouldn’t have been able to sleep at night, knowing that they didn’t leave a tip. What a wonderful reminder that there are great people out there in the world. Source: Reddit Share their awesome act of kindness with others, click on the Share button below.

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