18 ‘Pupcake’ Recipes For The Super Spoiled Doggos In Your Life

If you have a dog of your own, you more than likely see them as a family member or even your furry child.

You probably also love spoiling them with their favorite treats on a regular basis or on special occasions like their birthdays. I especially love going to doggie bakeries to pick up cakes or cupcakes made specifically for my two pooches, but I’ve recently learned that it really isn’t all that hard to just make the desserts myself.

Whether you ‘re looking to make your dog’s birthday extra special this year or you just want to treat them for being so awesome, here are 18 “pupcake” recipes to help get you started.

1. These pumpkin carrot pupcakes look good enough for dogs and humans alike!

2. There’s really no better way to celebrate your little guy’s birthday than by giving him a coconut honey doggie cake.

3. We know apple and cheese make for a surprisingly delicious pair, so why not incorporate them into pupcakes for your pooch?

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