11 Times Accidental Art Was Better Than Anything That Anyone Could Plan

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If you know any artists, or if you’re one yourself, you know how much time and effort typically goes into creating a piece. Whether it’s a portrait, a mural, or even a work of street art, hours of planning and painstaking effort go into bringing these visions to life.

But sometimes, “accidental” works of art are even more impressive than their more calculated counterparts. Don’t believe me? You might change your mind after you see these!

1. Those are totally her colors

2. This would give anything in a modern art museum a run for its money!

3. It’s kind of gross, but also pretty awesome.

4. It’s like staring into the universe.

5. The fact that it crashed isn’t cool, but at least it went down with a beautiful fight!

6. It’s not often that an elk shows up to the party when you’re mixing paint.

7. Who knew cleanup could be just as gorgeous as creation?

8. It turns out that coffee is good at more than just keeping us awake.

9. It’s going to blow!

10. A photo of Whoville, or some weird drainage at a car wash? You decide.

11. Well hello, little friend!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to plenty of museums, and I’d love to see any of these on display (especially that dog, because she’s perfect). Have you ever accidentally turned into an artist?

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